On Depiction of Ukraine (II)

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March 8, 2014

Part I

It is a tough job: to depict a nation-wide, open-to-all movement started by a Muslim as foreign-backed neonazi coup, while your employer is deranged murderous maniac with tons of rusty nukes and midlife crisis.
Kremlin propaganda apparatus have so little to go with, that they have to employ Steven Seagal as expert.

The very idea of considering this spiritual leader/musician/half-melted wax figurine as someone with a valid opinion on any topic* can only be result of vodka mixed with desperation to put someone or- at least- something on air… but first things first- how low you have to fall, that even North Korea attracts better celebrities than you?

Rodman at least is good at the thing he is famous for

Still there is some interesting Freudian slips left by the speechwriter. And it is obvious that someone else wrote this “opinion”, as Seagal is barely capable of delivering it, not to speak of making one. Seriously, you expect much more cleaner and coherent speaking from a professional actor, who clearly had time to prepare for his speech.
Said speechwriter do have quite an interesting mindset, I have to say. For one, very few people- outside the Official Heinrich Himmler Fan Club- would choose words “funny things” to describe murder of over a 100 people. Even fewer people would base legitimacy of the government on being formed “by use of proper diplomatic means”. As term diplomacy usually refers to international relations, so it basically means, that for the Ukrainian government to be legitimate, it must be approved by at least one foreign power. Seagal chose not to name that power so we will newer know for sure, what he had in mind. Kiribati, maybe?
While burying the last piece of the credibility Russia Today ever had, Seagal’s analysis of Crimean crisis is also an one of the indicators that Russian propaganda apparatus is doing some priority changes.

But he still have few friends

The thing is, since the current crisis began, Russian propaganda in English become much more active and aggressive. Putinist propaganda in English is not a totally new phenomena- such organizations like Institute of Democracy and Cooperation or the very same Russia Today existed for quite a time.
But up until now Russia Today maintained illusion of news organization, while Institute was targeting mostly academic circles. Now however, gloves are of: Russia Today runs stories about CIA backed coup, while Institute runs a serious-looking articles how invading and breaking up a sovereign country is pursue of “legitimate national interests”. Simultaneously, social media is invaded by “Antimaidan”, “Ukrainian Defense News Network”, “Truth about situation in Ukraine” and similar accounts.
Next to these channels, clearly controlled and/or operated from Russia, where is some other groups and persons who jumping the wagon.
First and foremost- what a surprise- are various denominations of Marxists. While they agree, on theoretical level, that Putin’s regime is capitalistic of some sort (the exact definition varies, depending on the specific views of one or the other sect) smallest piece of criticism targeted towards Moscow makes them go full berserk. Also it is possible that they are annoyed about all that Lenin statues.
Next to them are truthers, birdhers, chemtrail analysts, NWO and 300 Committee hunters and nonsense like that. As Western World for them is already lost to Rothschilds, Illuminati or just some generic globalists, they are more than happy to glorify anyone standing up against Kenian islamofascist and his secret masters. That includes such champions of freedom and liberty as Gaddafi and al-Assad, so there is little surprise to see how Alex Jones gets an orgasm just by quoting Russia Today.
And while we are on the matter, radical protestants joins to. I mean Haitian-pact-with-the-Devil and Crocoduck kind of radicals, who also gives some support to Putin, albeit in much lesser extent and vocal. They support can be described as thumbs up for some of the Russia’s home policies.
In other words, its a rather usual ragtag crowd of people in dire need of serious help and with less credibility than Nigerian prince.
They are not the problem, however. Russian propaganda, targeted toward the west, have no interest to convincing anyone, that Maidan is first step in to CIA-backed Fourth Reich. All there is needed is apathy and short-sighted selfishness Ron Paul demonstrates: “Why should we have to witness civil war going on in there, and then us getting involved? I think the further we stay away away from it, the better”.
To be fair, this statement was made before the invasion, while Yanukovych was still a president. Further developments, however, had no influence on his position. He is backed by number of rather influential media voices, like Guardian’s own Simon Tisdall, who considers Putin to be champion of the chauvinistic, post-Soviet Russian nationalism and utterly unscrupulous but barely finds to mentioned that in his praises of Putin’s success and condemnations of Obama’s hypocrisy.
It would be unfair and untrue to say that Texan Republican is Putin sympathizer or on his payroll. To him (as to many other pundits, journalists and politicians) Ukraine is just one more talking point in home politics that soon will be replaced by some other issue they be able to criticize Obama over.
And as US troops are packing in Middle East, it is easy to convince Western population that Crimea is potentially new Iraq, were US an allies have no real interest to be and everyone should just look for it’s own business. Painting Crimea as potential new Iraq is easy way to score few points.
While propaganda- as it is often the case- falls in to pieces than you make closer examination, the share amount of it creates a thick fog, were picture becomes dissolute and unclear.
That is all Kremlin seeks to achieve, and it’s success is beyond the doubt.

*Well, on second though, that is probably to hard of the statement. It is possible, that Steven Seagal do have some competence on something. Like, “Worst possible career choices for shitty B-list stars after they pass their prime” seems to be in his field of expertise.

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